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Element Yoga School was born as an evolution of a personal, intimate and honest development where I intend to return to the essentials. Pure unadulterated yoga. Elemental, sincere, profound and fruit of almost two decades of consistent personal work.

What do I always want from a spiritual guide or teacher in this path of yoga?

When as children we begin to walk, we seek the help of a person, who provides us with the security we lack, guides us through where we need to go but lets us explore, away from fear through the path of knowledge, of repeated experience, that is there when you need it and leave you alone when you ask.

We are looking for an attentive, sensitive, tender and at the same time demanding guide that does not lose the clarity of taking us along our best path.

Someone who lets you walk and fall alone when you're ready. A person who takes you further than where she arrived, who unconditionally delivers the best of herself to make you your best version.

That is what I want to do in this beginning. I accompany you with the best of me to go where you want through yoga. Forge your own yoga, create your destiny and simply live every tasty moment that gives you existence.

The school is made with love, taking care of the details available, where I try to serve each person with their own needs. Adapt this discipline to the circumstances that have brought you here.

Finally, this school exists thanks to all those who have deposited and put their trust in my hands, therefore, it is a necessity for me to show my gratitude and respect for it.



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